Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the fees for SCCIOB programmes?

A: Fees vary according to the type of programme, training hours, registration fees, etc. Please refer to our programme pages for the latest information and course fees.

Our currently available programmes can be found here

Q: How do we pay for the programme fees?

A: Programme fees vary according to the type of courses/modules, training hours, registration fees, etc. Please refer to our programme pages for the latest information.

If you are signing up for a FULL Diploma programme, a registration fee of S$100 ($S108 including GST) is payable upon registration.
For Certificate programmes and other short courses, the registration fee is S$50 (S$54 including GST). 

Q: Is there a test/exam at the end of a course?

A: For all SCCIOB in-house Diplomas with different modules, there will be an exam at the end of each module. Students need to pass each exam module in order to be awarded the Diploma. Unless otherwise stated, the test/exam is on the last lesson of the course/module. 

For the WSQ Statement of Attainment, you would need to pass the end-of-course assessment and attain at least a 75% attendance rate with accordance to SSG guidelines.
To receive the Certificate of Proficiency, you would need to pass the assessment and attain at least 75% attendance rate.
To receive the Certificate of Attendance, you would need to attain at least 75% attendance rate.

Q: Is a placement test required? How long would it take? What is the charge?

 A: Placement tests are currently required for programmes that have a Mandarin proficiency requirement.

The test takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how much you are able to complete. There is a fee of $50/- which is deductible when you sign up for a language course conducted by SCCIOB. Placement tests are waived if you can show proof of Mandarin proficiency. Please retain the test receipt for verification. 

Q: How do I make arrangements to take the placement test?

A: Please email or call us to make an appointment. Please fill up a copy of the Course Enrolment Form before doing the test.

Q: Where are the courses held?

A: Our courses are delivered through synchronous e-learning formats as well as conducted as in-person classroom settings, please check the relevant programme page for more details on the training format.

Q: How will I be notified after I have registered for a course?

A: An email notification will sent to you when the class is confirmed, usually one to two weeks before course commencement depending on the enrolment status. Our course consultant will also call you closer to the course start date to notify you. Please call or email us if you do not receive the course confirmation letter a week before the course is scheduled to begin.

Q: Can I request for changes after I have started my programme?

A: Please refer to our student policy on deferment, transfers and change of course. A copy of this is also available at our office brochure display area.

Q: What is the "Insurance Fee" for?

A: In accordance with the Committee for Private Education (CPE), EduTrust-certified Private Education Institutes (PEI) are required to adopt the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) to provide protection for all fees paid by their students. A PEI is required to adopt the insurance scheme to provide fee protection to all its students. Click to view the Insurance Policy document issued by Lonpac Insurance.

Corporate Training FAQ

Q: What are the available courses for Corporate or In-Company training?

A: Generally all the courses offered by SCCIOB are available for corporate training. For more information, please send an enquiry to us.

Q: Can companies request for customization of courses?

A: We understand that each company has different objectives in training their personnel. Thus, we will customize the training programme to meet corporations’ objectives and at the same time ensure that the proficiency of the participants are enhanced. We have in the past customized our training programmes for many companies in diverse industries such as I.T., Accounting/Finance, Banking, Legal, and more.

Q: Where can my corporate training be held?

A: Courses are usually held at the organisation's premises. But in some cases, courses may also be held at our Institute. Corporate training is usually conducted in the day during office hours.  

Q: Can companies plan the training schedule?

A: Yes, but the organisation is required to furnish us with the proposed schedule for the entire training programme before course confirmation. 

Q: Can lessons be postponed if the participants are unable to attend the lesson?

A: Yes, but the organisation is required to provided at least 7 days' notice for postponement of lessons.

SkilsFuture Singapore Funding Eligibility FAQ

Q: What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for SkillsFuture Funding? 

A: In order to be eligible for SSG funding, you are required to attain a minimum of 75% training attendance and pass the associated assessment. You will not be eligible for funding if you fail the module. However, you are allowed to retake the assessment at prevaling cost. You will be eligible for funding if you pass the retake.

Should you fail the assessment on the second attempt, you will be required to pay the full course fee without any SSG funding. You will only receive SSG funding on a module once. You will not be eligible for any SSG funding should you choose to re-take a module that you have received funding for previously. For such cases you will be charged the full module fee.

For more information, refer to the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) website on funding.

Q: What is the difference with Corporate-sponsored Funding

A: The employer does NOT need to claim for the SSG Funding.  The employer only needs to pay the nett course fees, after SSG Funding. 

SCCIOB will liaise directly with SSG for all the necessary documentation to get reimbursed for the funded portion of the course fees.  This is to validate the correct funding that the company is entitled to, based on the employee’s age, nationality etc. Companies who sponsor their employees for the course may apply for Absentee Payroll via the SkillsConnect system using their CorpPass login. For more information, please visit the SkillsConnect page.

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